Lorelei is the Son of the God and death Senjiki Which is known by the history of Blanck is the saviour of the world.

Lorelei started school at age of 1 in Siku Elementary school owned by the Infamous Siku Enterprises (The people who made racism and the regions possible).

Lorelei grew from that school until one day, a new student came and was never seen before. It was a Human-- The 1st and only human every lived in blanck.

Leo Dorminaz

Leo was unique not just because of being human but has a new blood type called Bonenka.

Blanck went into a 20 day, 1 million time inerferenace made by the Siku enterprises and got the whole world into a deep despair, frenzy and riots.

after the 20 day mark and Lorelei, Leo and his friends trying to stop the time interference the time went on a loop and strated again from day one.

it was too late.

The virus was now spreading fast throughout the whole universe and it was too late. Leo gave his Bonenka to Lorelei, Akuro and Kayo and the 3 of them scattered after they went through the Boundary door.

Lorelei was now known as Angelo.

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