Angelo is one of the cruelest demi-god of apnast history. He's known to be selfish,uncanny,brutal and has no remorse for others.

He was the Son of the protectors of the universe Zonggo and Anima Dorminaz. Nobody ever knew who they where and Angelo never even met them. As time moved on His parents couldn't take care of Angelo for his "out of casuality" state of mind but while Angelo was in his room he heard a voice-- a voice so faintly he couldn't hear it. The voice asked if he could be in his many hearts and Angelo agreed.

He was left on the far coast of Alphemiam ruins where an elderly lived named Leslie Changgorro and found angelo in a bunch of bushes.

It was in this moment Lorelei was sent into Angelo's body and lost all memories Angelo had.

He's considered by many the strongest of the strongest, some people believed he could rule the whole universe. Eventually he did.

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